APPLEJACQUI – A4, Fine Art Print


By Libby Martina

'Applejacqui' is a risograph print celebrating the beauty of a woman's body. The delicate hand drawn texture creates a beautiful soft aesthetic which would be perfect framed in the bedroom or as part of a gallery wall. Printed using a fluorescent Pantone pink ink with small details picked out in blue.

This illustration was originally drawn by hand, using a life model for reference, in chalk pastels.

Available in A4 – 297mm x 210mm

Risograph prints are created layer by layer, one colour at a time. In order to achieve this type of print, the original image was photographed and then digitally edited to separate out the two colours and to select a Pantone for each layer of ink.

Printed on a 100% recycled, 250gsm, heavyweight Context Natural paper, which has a lovely, lightly-flecked, off-white colour. This high-quality paper/print combination has a luxurious, smooth, matt finish.